The portfolio of

Alex Tsai


I had the privilege of working with Groupon’s Consumer Experience team in Palo Alto this past summer. As a product design intern, I got a chance to work on a product that’s used by 48.1 million users all over the world. My projects included optimizing the mobile purchase flow for Getaway Deals, redesigning and prototyping the login/sign up process, as well as bringing more personality to the product.

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As designers what we imagine and create is shaped by the tools we use. Framer.js is a tool that shapes the way I conceive of how people and technology can interact. It not only provides a quick way to test new interactions, but as a javascript library it can also utilize a phone’s accelerometer, connect to backend services like Parse, and more. The following contains an experiment with recursion, a module I made for Framer to record quantitative usability test data using Parse, and additional thoughts on prototyping.

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I think red pandas are one of God’s greatest creations. I also happen to be fond of animation and motion design. The logical next step was to make an animated video about Red Pandas. I had a lot of fun with this project. Whether it was researching red pandas and watching red panda gifs or designing the visual and animations, I really enjoyed the process. This project was also really beneficial in what it taught me about giving and receiving feedback.

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